Landed Banking and Loan Company Building

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Address: 47 James Street South
Date Built: 1908  

The Landed Banking and Loan Company Building erected in 1908 was designed by local architect Charles Mills, as a copy of New York City's Knickerbocker Trust and Safe Deposit Bank.

In the Classical Revival style, with its soaring Corinthian columns, the edifice was designed purposely to look like an ancient Greek temple -- in this case a "temple dedicated to commerce". Historically, this structure, designated under the Ontario Heritage Act, is now the oldest bank building still standing in the city's original financial district on James Street South.

Written by: Bill Manson
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Exterior Images:


Front Of Landed Banking And Loan BuildingCorner Of The Bank BuildingRoof And Stone ColumnsSide Of Landed BankClose Up Detail Of Corner And ColumnCorner Of The Column BuildingCloseup Of Top Three ColumnsClose Up Of Company LetteringPigeons Needles Protecting Top Of ColumnColumn Reflection In Building Window