917 8th Concession W

Tags: Aberdeen Bond, Flamborough, House, Stone

Address: 917 8th Concession W
Date Built: 1880  

917 8th Concession Road is a stone house west of Strabane that was built in 1880 by John Robertson (who paid his stonemason $200: Green et al., 2003, p.114-115). Robertson was from Kircudbrightshire, and the stone masonry is typically Scottish (not so much a "personal statement" of the mason, as quoted by Green et al.). The main stone is Guelph dolomite: the "Aberdeen bond" technique was used, using a stone identified by Green et al. (2003) as "black granite" from Milton. It is actually a coarse gabbro, so was more likely derived from a single large boulder of fieldstone.

Source: Gerard Middleton


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917 8th Concession W917 8th Concession W detail