Bells School S S No 4 Glanford

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Date Built: 1874    Date Destroyed: 1963  

Bell's School was built in 1874 and destroyed in 1963.

Written on the plaque:

"This site was turned over to the N.P.C.A. in 1983 by the township of Glanbrook to be used as a parking lot for the users of Lake Niapenco and surrounding conservation area. This was the location of Bell's School serving S.S. No. 4 Glanford from 1874 to 1963. The land was obtained from the Bell family and so named "Bell's" School. This brick school was built after a fire destroyed the original log school which stood directly across the road on the Weylie property. The log school served early settlers in the area as well as families of the shingle factory employees on lot 12, conc. 7, near the Chippewa Creek."


Exterior Images:


The Location Where The School WasBells School Plaque