Hess Family Burial Ground

Tags: The Mountain

Date Built: 1804  

Michael Hess, the father of Peter Hess (whom Hess St. is named after), is buried here. Michael Hess was an early settler to Barton Township, now Hamilton Mountain. He died and was buried here in 1804. Although it was named Hess Cemetery, the only other Hess family members buried here are Michael's wife Gertrude Charity and Jacob Hess.

Peter Hess moved his family to the new town of Hamilton and became a prominent early citizen.

There is no sign marking this cemetery. It is surrounded by backyards and accessed by a small lane linking it to the southern lawn behind the Church of the Resurrection on Mohawk Rd.

This burial ground has only one tombstone still standing. Jane Snider's tombstone remains hidden between trees and bushes near the plot's north eastern corner.


Exterior Images:


Hess Family Burial Ground south sideJane Sniders grave, the only tombstone left here