Temple Anshe Sholom

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Architect: Joseph Singer

Address: 215 Cline Avenue North
Date Built: 1951  

Temple Anshe Sholom was built in Westdale, on Cline Street, in 1951 by architect Joseph Singer.

The congregation of Anshe Sholom has roots in Hamilton going back to 1853, with early meetings being held in member's homes. In the 1860s and 70s the congregation met in a rented room above a leather goods shop in downtown Hamilton. In 1882, a synagogue was built at the south-east corner of Hughson and Augusta Streets.

"After the Second World War, Temple Anshe Sholom became the first synagogue in Hamilton to make the post-war move westward. On April 15, 1951, the sod was turned for the new building and in June of 1952, a dedication weekend saw the scrolls ceremoniously installed in the Ark... [In 1965], the addition that houses the present Reiss-Frank Auditorium, Religious School classrooms, library ... and offices was erected, more than doubling the size of the building on its present site." 1

1 History of Temple Anshe Sholom http://www.anshesholom.ca/aboutus/history/


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Temple Anshe SholomTemple Anshe SholomTemple Anshe Sholom

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Temple Anshe Sholom sanctuary