Westdale Highschool

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Address: 700 Main Street West
Date Built: 1931  

Westdale Secondary School is a public high school founded in 1931 in Hamilton, Ontario. It is the second oldest high school in the city of Hamilton after Delta Secondary.

Westdale was founded as a collegiate school - housing three collegiates under one roof - and was, at the time, the largest school in the British Commonwealth. The original building was referred to as Westdale Composite School, or Westdale Tripartite School, due to the fact that it housed three separate schools. The collegiate, technical and commercial schools were housed on the left, middle, and right side of the school, with the cafeteria on the fourth floor the cafeteria has since moved to the first floor. The architects Prack and Prack designed the building with arched doorways and pseudo-buttresses of the school gothic architectural style. Constructed by J.M. Piggott Construction Company at an initial cost of $1,306,521.00 including 4.7 hectares of land, the school has undergone three major renovations, which occurred in 1959, 1974/75. Recently doors, lockers and windows were replaced.

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Westdale HighschoolWestdale Highschool