Woodend Heslop Clifford House

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Address: 838 Mineral Springs Road
Date Built: 1862  

Written on the plaque:

Woodend Heslop Clifford House

"Constructed CA. 1862, The stately beauty of Woodend reflects the taste of its builder, John Heslop. He was the first Reeve of Ancaster Township, the first Warden of Wentworth County and the Clerk - Treasurer of Ancaster until he was murdered here in 1891 by thieves looking for Township funds. This Gothic - Revival stone house with its three - gabled front facade, steep roof, delicate barge - board and sturdy brackets provides an appropriate home for the Hamilton Regional Conservation Authority to which it was donated by George Donald in 1971.

1982 Ancaster Township Historical Society and LACAC"


Exterior Images:


View Of Historic WoodendInner Corner Of WoodendNew Stone On Historic Woodend HouseDouble Chimney Roof Peak And Wooden TrimHistoric Yellow Brick ChimneySmall Window BalconyPeaked Roof With Window And Small BalconyPeeling Paint On The Wooden BalconyCorner Of House ChimneySide View Of The Old Wooden Balcony